New Urban University at the AAG

The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers takes place 29 March – 2 April in San Francisco.

Jean-Paul Addie will be presenting The Appliance of (Urban) Science on Friday 1 April as part of a series of sessions on New Science ‘Scapes. Focusing on the case of Applied Sciences NYC, the paper analyzes: (1) the spatial processes through which contemporary global science is territorialized in new material and institutional structures in the heart of global cities; (2) the mechanisms through which key urban actors are attempting to open access to technical and scientific innovations and capture their impacts locally; and (3) the politics of knowledge production being constructed through emergent urban-academic ideo-scapes.

Jean-Paul will also be talking #NewUrbanUniversity on the panel Town, Gown and Urban Transformation in the 21st Century City organized by Jennifer Mapes (Kent State) on Saturday 2 April.


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