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What Role for Academia in the New Urban Agenda?

Recap: Knowledge and Capacity after Quito: Mapping Out Academia’s Commitment to the New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Urbanization

Habitat III, Quito, Ecuador

15-20 October 2016

  • Which should be the role of research and academia in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda?
  • What value would a Multi Stakeholder Knowledge Platform for Sustainable Urbanization add to existing knowledge production and sharing efforts at the national, regional, and global scales?
  • How would a Knowledge Platform operate, and what range of financial and human resources would it require?
  • What forms of capacity development initiatives does the New Urban Agenda engender/ require to address urban and rural human settlements in equitable sustainable manner?
  • How can capacity development initiatives be scaled up and/ or rolled out in the most vulnerable regions of the world?

These questions guided the conversation at the Research and Academia stakeholders roundtable, one of the few sessions at the Habitat III conference in Quito to directly address the role of universities in driving sustainable urban development.


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