New Urban University at the 2017 AAG

The Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers return to Boston, MA this April. The New Urban University Project will again be represented in several sessions:

Jean-Paul Addie will be presenting From the Region in Itself to the Region for Itself: The Limits of Academic Metropolization on Saturday 8 April as part of a series of sessions on the process of metropolization.

This talk will engage the growing recognition of, and advocacy for, mutually beneficial linkages to be forged between cities and universities around regional development. As producers of urban knowledge and urbanizing actors in their own right, universities play a vital role in identifying the projects, processes, and actors involved in the construction of the ‘region in itself’. But whereas academic and urban leaders in cities with one or two universities can open dialogues about citywide collaborations, such strategies are rendered highly complex when scaled to extended, globally-integrated metropolises where provosts and presidents must compete for attention in a crowded governance arena. Drawing from the case of Greater New York, this paper critically examines universities’ ability to, and strategic interest in, leveraging such emergent scalar geographies to transcend parochial territorial interests and generate modes of urbanization and collective action constitutive of a ‘region for itself’.

And building from the projects underlying interest in critical urban theory, Jean-Paul will also be discussing the nature of dialectics in contemporary urban studies in a panel on ecology, politics and the anthropocene, held on Thursday 6 April. In this panel session, he will explore levels of generality and the ‘ecological dominance’ of the urban  to frame planetary urbanization as Marxian a method of urban analysis.