P1060309Dr Jean-Paul Addie

Jean-Paul Addie is a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the Department of Geography at UCL. He is an urban geographer interested in the politics and production of urban infrastructure and questions of mobility, governance and social justice in an era of globalized urbanization. Jean-Paul has explored the infrastructure-urbanization nexus through a variety of conceptual and empirical lenses and has published on a number of interdisciplinary topics including: urban policy; regional transportation; comparative governance; suburbanization; and the geography of higher education.

Academic Advisory Team


Dr Michele Acuto

Michele Actuo is Senior Lecturer in Global Networks and Diplomacy and UCL STEaPP. His research focuses on the role of urbanisation and technology in world politics and on the changing landscapes of diplomacy. Michele is currently principal investigator for the ESRC project “Urban Connections” and the City Leadership Initiative, a joint project of UN-Habitat, World Bank and UCL which aims at assessing the role of city leadership in responding to global challenges. Michele is also co-investigator in two EPSRC projects focusing on the governance of the energy-food-water nexus, and an expert advisor on city diplomacy for the WHO.


Dr Puspha Arabindoo

Pushpa Arabindoo is Lecturer in Geography and Urban Design at UCL Geography and is co-director of the UCL Urban Lab. Pushpa adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to understand better the multiple and complex ways in space is imagined, produced and consumed in the contemporary urban condition. She continues her dual role as both an academic and practitioner in the planning sector, combining her research knowledge with practical experience to develop innovative design and policy-based solutions to problems in urban planning.


Professor Nicholas Phelps

Nick Phelps is Chair of Urban and Regional Development at the Bartlett School of Planning at UCL. He is a leading scholar in economic geography and has authored and coedited books on urban economics, industrial clustering and city-regional agglomeration. Nick’s current research is concerned with understanding the planning of urban sprawl, planning for the delivery of growth in the UK, and the planning and political possibilities for re-planning or re-working suburban space in the United States.